Attempted star party 8/17/13

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Post subject: Attempted star party 8/17/13
Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:06 pm
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Last night we met up with Erika and Paul from CN (I think Erika has posted a few times on SS in the past as well) for dinner and a star party at my house. We rolled the roof off and attempted to observe with the bright moon out but the fast moving clouds never opened up enough to allow for much. So not only was it bright out, it was also mostly cloudy! And wouldn't you know it- about an hour after Erika and Paul left, I went outside and it was crystal clear.

It was great to meet Erika and Paul though- to speak with someone on an astronomy forum for nearly ten years and then finally meet them in person is great. Despite the weather not cooperating, we still had a nice time.


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