SN2014J and crisp skies

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Post subject: SN2014J and crisp skies
Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:10 pm
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I just came in from a terrific session with our supernova in M82. The skies teased us in CT just after sunset. As the background darkened numerous stars made appearances earlier than usual, and even with a tint if blue left in the sky the colors of the brighter stars became obvious, such as Aldeberan with it's peach like glow, to Betelgeuse showing a stark pink. As black became the dominant color stars just exploded from the canvas. It really was amazing. Winter skies typically give such clarity in New England, but unfortunately we have been dancing on a sporadic front of indecision this season. Good news, the front settled in with a high from the north and swept all the moisture with it. What was left was a frigid (although relatively balmy) 14°F to observe in.

So out came the 10" with 40mm SWA and Maxbright BV with Pentax XF's. I spent nearly two hours with M82 and my freaking fingers are nearly frost bitten. The experience was so enjoyable that I simply could not tear myself from the scope. Fortunately, I did compile a sketch with notes so a finalized sketch will ensue, possibly tomorrow or the next day. At any rate, I finished the night with M37 and the double cluster. Two eyes...amazing! I will absolutely never go without a binoviewer again. More to follow...


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